Hydrogen - the fuel of the future

The energy landscape is changing. Increased environmental awareness combined with political initiative has accelerated the global process towards cleaner energy sources. This will change the entire energy market. The need for clean and sustainable energy combined with increased demand for energy from emerging economies translates into a huge potential for renewable energy forms that are storable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Hydrogen is one such example. Its application is widespread: from fuel to storage of surplus energy such as wind or solar, and as a means to generate methane and methanol. HydrogenPro works with its partners to supply world-class electrolysers that enable you to harness the potential of renewable and environmentally friendly hydrogen .

Power to X - Methanol

The increasing share of renewable energy across the world is dominated by intermittent sources such as solar and wind power. This increases the need for innovative storage solutions. Hydrogen can be used as a means of energy storage by using excess energy to conduct electrolysis. The hydrogen can then be used to generate electricity when needed. Alternatively, hydrogen can be combined with carbon dioxide to form methanol or other fuels. Through our partnership with Mitsubishi-Hitachi we offer solutions for such process plants. Our pressurised electrolysers are ideal for large scale hydrogen production.