Gas Purification

Gases exiting directly from the electrolyser 

The hydrogen gas is normally 99,9% pure (the impurities are nitrogen and oxygen).

The oxygen gas is normally 99,5% pure (the impurities are nitrogen and hydrogen).

Purification and drying of the gases

Where ultra pure and dry gas is required, we can supply standardised purification systems. The advantage with our driers are 3 tower so zero gas is lost in the regeneration mode. The deoxidiser is installed before the drier and do not need any service

After purification we can achieve 99,9999% purity both for the hydrogen and for the oxygen gas.

Dew point temperature after the drier can be down to -95 degree C

All purification units are delivered as one skid mounted unit for easy installation and quick connection inside the hydrogen plant.

H2 and O2 Gas Purifers