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World leading alkaline high pressure electrolysis

Large Scale Plants

The modular system can easily be scaled up to build large scale hydrogen plants.

We can offer flexible and cost efficient solution with the high pressure system and the largest single cell capacity on the market.


High Pressure Alkaline Electrolysers

Our complete systems consist of prefabricated modules. They are mounted, tested and certified prior to shipping. 

  • Self pressurised system
  • State of the art membrane technology
  • Super quick response time, ideal for power input from wind turbines and solar panels

  • Maximum reliability through separate lye channels and pumps 

  • Low energy consumption which is stable during lifetime of the cell block 

  • Personal safety by fail safe design 

  • Long life time of the plant

  • More than 300 plants delivered since 1994

  • ISO 9001 certified Production

Electrolyser units we supply, examples:

*Figures are given as DC power consumption referring to the power consumption of the electrolyser stack only.

Single cell block electrolyser producing pressurised hydrogen are available with capacities ranging from 200 Nm³/h up to 1000 Nm³/h for indoor installations.

For large hydrogen plants, several electrolysers can be connected together. Plants operate automatically and can be controlled remotely. Plants are designed to minimise maintenance and service needs. 


We also offer containerised solutions for plants with production capacity less than 200 Nm3/h. 


With our expertise we can assist you to tailor your plant according to your specifications and requirements with regards to gas purity, pressure and production volume. 

Advantages of high pressure alkaline electorlysis: 

Advantages of high pressure systems  compared to conventional atmospheric technology:

  • Very compact H2 plants with small foot print and low investment costs

  • Self pressurised - no compressors needed for most industrial applications

  • Very cost efficient with minimum need of service and maintenance 

  • Suitable for variable power input such as solar cells and wind turbines

  • Pure Oxygen available at high pressure at no extra cost.

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