High Pressure Alkaline Electrolysers

Supplying the best available electrolyser technology
HydrogenPro supplies high quality hydrogen plants built on the well proven electrolyser technology of our partner THE. The modular systems can easily be configured according to your needs:
Complete systems - indoor
Large scale hydrogen plants
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- Reliable - HydrogenPro electrolyser systems have a high degree of reliability with a limited need for maintenance and can run 24/7 or even endure daily start and stops

- Flexible - The electrolysers can run on a flexible load and respond quickly to load variations. In addition the lay out of the system can be adjusted according to customer sites. If customer has limited space, the plant can be built over 2 levels.

 - Cost efficient - with the high pressure eletrolyser system the investment cost are low both with an optimized scope of equipment and low footprint, combined with a high efficiency giving low operational costs.

- High performance - HydrogenPro electrolyser system delivers a high performance giving a low total cost of ownership.

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